Just how big is franchising in Canada?

The “franchise industry” is often spoken of in Canada, but the truth is that franchising stretches across nearly every industry. It plays an integral role in the Canadian economy and employs loads of people in this country.

But, just how big is it?

Let’s take a l[...]

What does it mean to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself?

You often hear a familiar refrain in franchising that says you’re in business for yourself, not by yourself, but what exactly does that mean for franchisees?

The simple answer is that when you enter a franchise, you get almost unlimited amounts of guidance from the franchisor, but i[...] Read more...

8 Most Canadian Types of Franchises to Start

Happy (belated) Canada Day!

You should start a franchise, eh.The question is: What type of franchise should you start?

If you want to stay close to your Canadian roots or you have come to Canada from somewhere else and want your business to reflect your new homeland,[...] Read more...

Building a Business, Pros and Cons of Three Different Formulas

Obviously here at FranNet, we have a bias for the franchising formula when it comes to business ownership. We unabashedly love franchising and believe it is the best way for the average person to get into business for themselves.

However, we do acknowledge there are pros and cons to every[...] Read more...

Why Franchising is a Good Idea Even if You Are Happily Employed

You might be perfectly content at work. Maybe you like your co-workers, your boss is a great person, the company seems to be doing really well and you are totally satisfied with your current salary.

If this describes you, than we just have one thing to say: You should join a franchise.Read more...