Canada Franchise Buying Process

Canada Franchise Buying Process

If you’re excited about buying a Canadian franchise, we’re perhaps even more excited! We want to tell you about the buying process. So fill in our Find Your Perfect Franchise form on the right. Prefer to call us? Call 1-800-372-6638 and a Canadian FranNet consultant will be in touch with you. 

The Buying Process in Five Easy Steps

1. Profile 

This is the “getting to know you” step. Our commitment is to understand your goals and dreams and then find the ideal match. You and your Canadian FranNet consultant will carry on a meaningful dialogue, so that he can grasp the essence of what you really want to do.

After this conversation, you will be asked to fill out a Personal Franchise Assessment (PFA). Your PFA serves as a helpful tool when we assess the most suitable business opportunities for you in Canada. We want this to be a win-win situation.  

2. Model 

We carefully review your PFA and use this information to develop your unique business model. Your business model represents what your “perfect” business opportunity might look like and will serve as the benchmark for evaluating franchise concepts you choose to research.

Once you are certain that we have identified the business model that fits you, your franchise consultant will suggest business concepts that fit structurally and strategically with what you are looking for. We will show you how to compare the various models and zoom in on those that are the most logical for you.

3. Match 

Once you’ve found the right type of business, your Canadian FranNet consultant will identify and suggest specific companies that you may want more information on. Over the years, we have screened hundreds of franchisors and worked with thousands of people just like you. Our proprietary profiling tool and customised consultation method have been tried and tested, yielding accurate data, allowing you to determine if a particular business meets your criteria. 

4. Research 

Research is an indispensable part of the buying process. You do research that should include geographical considerations, logistics, success/failure rates, potential risks, profit and loss and pertinent comparisons. We will teach you how to make your research more effective by providing sample questions and research guides you can use.

5. Purchase 

Ready to buy that Canadian franchise? We can help you find financing sources, franchise attorneys, and other resources to make your purchase as efficient and problem-free as possible.

It’s time to take action! Fill in the Find Your Perfect Franchise form on the right. 

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