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Thinking of starting a Canadian franchise business?

You’ve come to the right place! Since 1987, FranNet has been assisting entrepreneurs in looking for exceptional franchise business opportunities in Canada.

FranNet is committed to finding the most suitable and profitable Canadian business franchise for you. Depending on your goals and business model, we tap into our resources to make that ideal match.

We work with over a hundred reputable franchises engaged in several industries. Our expertise is demonstrated by the business consultants country-wide who provide service and guidance in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario, as well as in Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan.

FranNet’s valuable assistance covers:

  • A thorough evaluation of the pros and cons of owning a Canadian franchise opportunity;
  • A complete assessment based on our exclusive matching profile process;
  • Alignment of your unique goals and competencies to the best franchise opportunity;
  • Advice on how to build and expand your business;
  • A plan tailored to your demanding and critical requirements;
  • A tried and tested process that makes a lot of sense;
  • Unrivalled expertise – for free!

FranNet consultants are trained to use FranNet’s proprietary profiling tool and customised consultation method. Our research capabilities lead to an intelligent decision, complemented by referrals to other key professionals known for their industry focus.

Why not take action by completing the Find Your Perfect Franchise form on the right? A local franchise expert will be in touch to prepare you for that exciting opportunity to own your business.

Steps to Franchise Ownership

FranNet Canada

We want to get to know you, your goals and your dreams. You'll fill out a Personal Franchise Assessment (PFA) that gives us more insight into you and your strengths, and helps us get a feel for what businesses would be a great fit for you. It's really your Business DNA we uncover.

FranNet Canada

We'll get together and review your PFA and help you understand your inner-entrepreneur. We'll also spend significant time developing a unique business model that points us to ideal businesses that structurally and strategically fit what you're looking for.

FranNet Canada

Based on your unique business model, we'll recommend specific franchise businesses that ideally match everything you're looking for from your business.

FranNet Canada

A critical step, we'll guide you through the research process with each of the franchise companies. We'll provide sample questions and research guides to help you. You'll do the research; we'll provide the support and expert guidance.

FranNet Canada

The best buyer is an educated buyer. And you can be certain that working with FranNet will provide you with the education and resources you need to make sound, fact-based business decisions.